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Upcoming Events

February 8th – Panhellenic Luncheon at Natalie’s House. Visit from Therapy Dogs, 11:30am

February 15th – FL Zeta Day, Avanti Palms, Orlando “In a League of Our Own”

March 14th – Panhellenic Scholarship Luncheon & Fashion Show ($60) Signature Grand, 11:30am

More events TBD (like a celebration for Shannon. She's expecting her second boy!!)


Crown Connections

These are informal gatherings, usually only a few sisters that are getting together over a common interest. We will announce these throughout the season.
Examples are Coffee Lovers’ Club, Mommy & Me, Lunch Bunch, ZTA History, Happy Hour. We had a lot of fun doing these last year.

If you would like to organize or be a part of a Crown Connection, please reach out to Natalie and she will help facilitate it.

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